Pulsewave™ Health Monitor

Pulsewave™ Health Monitor

The Pulsewave™ Health Monitor is a unique online application designed for anyone who cares about their heart-health. Easy to use, reliable, and accurate, Pulsewave™ is the only system available without a doctor's prescription that shows your actual heart beating in real time during a reading.

Licenced by Health Canada under MDL# 70264 and cleared by the FDA, Pulsewave™ instantly produces medically relevant vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate and pulse variability.

Pulsewave™ Packaging
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  • Pulsewave™ PAS Screen
  • Pulsewave™ PAS Screen
  • Pulsewave™ History Screen
  • Pulsewave™ Results Screen
  • Pulsewave™ Blood Pressure Trend Screen
  • Pulsewave™ Heart Friendly™ Monthly Report
  • Pulsewave™ Heart Friendly™ Report

Log in to your account from any computer, or access your data directly from the Pulsewave™ Software. You’ll find all your readings stored online in our Cloud Diagnostics™ secure servers. You can also view your readings in chart form so you can easily track your progress.

Heart Friendly™ Practice

Biosign supports heart-health screening at the point of primary care through our Heart Friendly™ Program. Dentists, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals use our Pulsewave™ system to screen for anomalies and save lives.

Clinical workflow is enhanced when Pulsewave™ is integrated with practice management systems. Out-of-the-box, Pulsewave™ allows you to copy data into any EMR or patient record with one click from the pre-loaded clipboard...

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PencilThat by ClinicServer

...and coming soon, Pulsewave™ will work seamlessly with many popular software solutions starting with PencilThat.

Our Customers

  • alqaem healthcare
  • Denovo Medical Inc.
  • Easter Seals Disability Services
  • MedVec International
  • Peconic Bay Medical Center
  • University of Washington
  • WeCare Home Health Services
Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize

Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize is a $10 million innovation contest to spur the development of consumer friendly healthcare devices that will eventually offer the functions similar to that of the famous Tricorder from Star Trek. To qualify, systems must monitor 5 key vital signs: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, ECG, SpO2 & Temperature, and log that data continuously into the Cloud. Biosign's patent-pending Pulsewave™ MAX does exactly that!